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Acupuncture Cam Therapy Institute | Himalayan Institute of Acupuncture and Complementary Medicines (HIACM India) is an Internationally associated Institute of Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine based in the picturesque valley of Dehradun in the Himalayan foothills of India.

Dehradun Acupuncture Institute India conducts courses in complementary alternative medicines conducts courses in ayurveda, acupuncture, acupressure, astrology, yoga, alternative medicine, complementary medicines and also does research and development (R & D) in alternative medicines, acupuncture, alternative medicine, camtherapy, yoga, complementary medicine, complementary alternative medicine and other associated medical sciences.

Acupuncture Cam Therapy Institute India, run under the aegis of the International Himalayan Institute of Acupuncture and Complementary Medicines, is located at Dehradun in Uttaranchal|Uttarakhand, India. Its acupuncturists and doctors conduct medical sciences courses in Ayurveda, acupuncture healing, acupressure, Vedic astrology, yoga therapies, alternative medicine and also do research and development (R & D) in complementary medicine, alternative medicines, herbal medicine and ayurvedic cancer cure and treatment.

Acupuncture CAM Therapy Institute of Acupuncture & Complementary Medicines is located at Dehradun, India. It conducts courses in Ayurveda, acupuncture, acupressure, Vedic astrology, Yoga , complementary medicine and alternative medicine under the aegis of Himalayan Institute of Acupuncture and Complementary Medicines.

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If you are interested in submitting an international application to Himalayan Institute of Ayurveda & Complimentary Medicines - HIACM
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